Daring to begin


Hey world. How nice of you to drop in here and read. I know it wasn’t easy finding your way here in the vastness that is the internet, so thank you.

Okay, so, first entry in my journal aka blogg. I must admit, it’s a bit scary. First, this is the only blog I have decided to write in english, which isn’t my mother tongue. But foremost it’s scary because the reason I’ve started this blog is to be honest. And honest in a rather exciting time in my life when all this “stuff” is going on and keep changing on me on a nearly weekly basis.

We’ll see how well that honest-thing will go on occasion, not making any promises here, since I can sense my own resistance just writing that. But the purpose is to write about what is actually going on in my life no matter what, on the inside, the real stuff you know. (Yes you do know, you are just wondering if I’m nuts.) It’s a way for me to practice not to be perfect, to get myself out there, step into the arena and show up as my true self. That is seriously uncomfortable for me. But – it’s for practicing, so I will get better and better at it.

So join in to read about the not so perfect me, the shame, the pain and the hurt. The happiness, the fear, the laughter and the dreams. The struggles, the passion, the failures, the success, the everyday, the love and the resistance. Or for short – my real life.



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