Come to the dark side – we have cookies

Just do it


Let’s start with my body, shall we! Okaydokay, if you so insist I will.

Right. My goal, ever so simply put but it’s actually not at allt, is to get fit. If we go in for a closer look to determine what I mean when I throw that word around, we can say that I want to lose body fat and gain muscles. Or to put it bluntly “I want abs, goddammit!”

I’m not horribly concern about my weight. I have a very normal, no fuss weight. Not to much, not to little, just good and healthy. (As my boyfriend put it “you roughly weigh as two bags of cement” when he pinpointed my exact weight by lifting me straight up by holding my armpits.) And in general I know I’m fairly healthy. I exercise regularly and have done for roughly 15 years – with your general lazy break here and there often motivated by bad back, bad knees and bad mood. But I know that regular physical activity of some sort is absolutely crucial for keeping my back problems at bay, being able to sleep well and for my mental sanity in general. So I always return to it and always end up loving it passionately, so much so I try to preach it to everyone I know with little result.

So – whats the problem? Well, I’m not really the best person when it comes to the food part. I know very well, as most of us do, what not to eat and what to eat. But I’m lazy. Never really got any interest in cooking or any passion for it, which I think is sad. However, if you compare me to what is acceptable as nutrition for your general Aussie, I’m a health freak. Many times I find myself staring at food I’v been served (at peoples houses or at restaurants) in a mix of horror/surprise/sadness. I shouldn’t be that surprised anymore, but seriously people, you just keep destroying perfectly good food in ways that to me are considered blasphemes.

I have so many examples here – but let’s just mention the one for now. The Chicken Popcorn. You get them at KFC. Apparently. When just hearing that this thing existed I thought that you Aussies were flavoring your popcorn with your favorite chips flavor – chicken. Aka I thought it was chicken flavored popcorn. (I find the chicken flavored chips, shall we say, “an acquired taste.”) Oh, how wrong I was. No no, chicken popcorn are smaller balls of chicken meat that has been fried. I mean, we all know what meat they use for that. They have taken what they can’t otherwise serve and fried it so you can’t recognize it and then charge people money for it. People love it, apparently. I’m genuinely horrified by it.

Anyway, so I have started using some products to get me my vitamins and all the other stuff that the body needs, to get me the protein I need to build the muscles and to get me the energy I need to go about exercising regularly. I will get into this in more detail some other time I think. I have a sponsor in this (sponsor is the official word and I will refer to her as this even though I consider her more my coach/mentor/team leader, but since I have other coaches it might get confusing, so sponsor it is!). And yesterday I got the idea that I should get on her magical scales. This is a scale that measure several things, such as weight, body fat, water intake, bone density and muscles. I have done it once before, a month ago, with fairly good results in general, I got healthy on all categories. Don’t know why I picked yesterday, since the week prior I spent sick, laying very much horizontal, feeling sorry for myself, eating all the Swedish candy I could get my hands on at IKEA and watching Frozen for the 32nd time loudly singling along to “Let it Go!”

My numbers were as my sponsor put it “interesting” and “weird”. My weight was pretty much the same, but everything else had just gone crazy. I had lost muscles, gained fat (well maybe not too surprising…), not been drinking water (I’ve heard that beer counts as water, apparently the scale did not agree), losing bone mass (!) and in general my body had taken a turn for the worse. She looked at me and said “you must have been really sick!” I nodded, as to say “oh yes, I was nearly on my death bed, just pulled through though, phew!” When actually I hadn’t really been that sick, I just (as I always do) acted like your general dude and declared that the end had been near…

So lesson learned: just because you might not be super well it doesn’t give you the excuse to consume the entire candy stock at IKEA.

Today – is hence a fresh start! I’ve been starting my day with water, following it up with my vitamins and stuff, and healthy shake with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. (Sponsors receipt). I’m going to take the dogs for a walk soon, going to go distributing (which is like 3 hours of walking) and then head off to fit club. And not eat candy. Or chocolate. Or nutella. Or drink the mango beer I like. Or wine. Or pepsi.




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