Mountain pose



In the Personal Development section of this blog is a link to Amy Cuddys TED talk about body language. Highly interesting. In short – the way we stand, sit. posture – will mentally affect ourselves. Yes, we have long known that it affects others, but this is how it affects ourselves.

I just thought it was interesting and told my coach this. She immediately had me do the mountain pose/tadasana pose, probably very happy I actually offered her an in to get me to be more mindful. The pose – it’s the above picture – is from yoga. I’m not a yoga person. And I.DON’T.DO.MEDITATION!

When I try meditation this happens (I turn into Lorelai Gilmore):


But you can’t blame my coach for not trying to get me into meditation. We have tried different kinds of methods, but it has not worked. She thinks it would be good for my “being in the moment” and “mindfulness”. I kind of argue that I’m just as much in the moment as your next person when I listen to Disney songs, skipping around pretending I’m Rapunzel, or Anna, or Jasmine…


Just because it’s – technically – not exactly the way the Buddah-dude intended his meditation thing-y – dosen’t mean it’s not working. I think we are on “whatever makes you happy” on that perticular subject.

So yesterday I was laying in bed trying to concentrate on my book. But I was just stressing about the fit club thing. I was trying to get my head to stop spinning, calm down, for crying it out loud just relax! I was pondering things over, thinking about that body language talk, and figured I’d try to just trick my body to think it’s awesome. So I got up, got into the position my coach had suggested, stood there for a while, put on some calm music and stod there for another little while imagining my strong legs and arms and lugns… Then just started to prepare myself for fit club without any fuss or anxiety. I thought “Crap, if I tell my coach about this she’s going to have me do it all the time! I’d much prefer to skip around to Disney-songs…”



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