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Right, last run-through. Well, if you have read the “Mind over matter”-post you know I quit my old government job. I was doing pretty good in that field and I have a Masters in Political Science. But… it just wasn’t right. Don’t get me wrong, I loved uni, to study my subjects and I am very pleased about my education. It was the job, the career-path I was traveling down that didn’t really suit me. So I did what people apparently talk a lot about doing but never really dare do – I quit. Had no fallback plan, no other job to go to instead, just quit. I jumped, took a leap of faith that things would be alright in the end, and just did it. I haven’t regretted it for one second. Not one fleeting moment of brief panic or anything about it. It was so right! I only realized HOW right it was until I’d left.

But the question that inevitable followed was – now what? That’s where my coach is really good to have. We have together been brainstorming all kinds of possibilities and potential passions and tried to see how well I would actually like these dreamt up careers.

By happenstance I got into this wellness/nutrition business. Figured I’d try it out. And it has become something I really like and see a lot of potential in and I have big future plans how to go on from here, I’d like to go back to uni and study health psychology, I’d like to get certified as a PT and combine all three fields. I am truly super exited about it, I happily get up early in the mornings to go working on the wellness business, trying new things to promote it: I write here, I brainstorm, I put rhinestone on buttons, I draw pictures about the business for community boards, I write ads, I distribute flyers, I try to be active on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, I go to fitclubs, I go to seminars… I love it! I love being my own boss and working a lot from home. Who knows what the future will hold? The money right now is NOT GOOD, but still, right now, it’s kind of great.

So if you are interested in learning more about the wellness and nutrition business, if you want to gain weight, get healthy, lose weight or just to “tone”, don’t be afraid to send me an email to:



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