Getting that eating thing down



So. That food thing. I mean, exercise I pretty much got down. I do it everyday more or less in one form or another – if you count walking as exercise. But actually putting on my gym clothes and going for the routines, that is normally around 5 times a week. Sometimes less, sometimes more. But yeah, need to be a little bit better with the food.

Got on the magical scales again yesterday evening. Lost about 1 kilo I think it was but the other measurements where not going where I wanted them.

I would like to take the opportunity to put down a correction from the BF here. I don’t weigh like two bags of cement. I weight like three bags of cement! 🙂 Like wishful thinking there, girlfriend. But yes bags of cement comes in two different sizes, with the smaller one being the most common, and my weight was calculated by the smaller bag size, since the bigger ones are really not used anymore and everyone would get me wrong if I said that I weighed like two bags of cement! Like, duh, silly me, and now all you cement-experts out there reading this blog would have been seriously annoyed with my cement-bag-size-ignorance. Hence the correction ;-).

Okay, so I’m to adjust my eating a bit. Interesting. The only adjusting I normally do is eat more Nutella sandwiches. I basically need to eat more. Go figure. Eat better snacks and probably have to add a meal to one of my shakes. I’m like to my sponsor – NOOOO! I DON’T WANT TO COOK, I LOVE THE SHAKES! But… if I want to achieve the goal I have, I guess I have to abide by her advice. You know – the muscle gaining thing. Apparently – I didn’t know this,  muscles and body fat percentage work off each other. So increase muscles you automatically reduce body fat.

But healthy living, when you fully start to commit to it, kind of becomes a snowball effect. You start to actively choose healthier options – so you can continue to choose healthier options.

You can’t really expect to have a good work out if you haven’t fueled your body with good nutrition and energy. That means avoid all kinds of things during your day, like in Oz, that means saying no to all the alcohol people drink quite regularly. You think “I might drink a glass of wine once I’m done with my exercise later in the evening.” Sure, okay, but if you are really focused on your muscle growth you will be spending the hour or two after fininsh exercising with refueling you body with good protein, energy and vitamins, making sure you’ll have a good recovery. So when you finally finished all the routines of your healthy day – it’s more or less bedtime anyway. And you won’t stay up too long either because you want your body to rest properly before next days adventures!

When fully starting to try to drink enough water – I have noticed that I just don’t have time or the will to drink other things. It takes all day to make sure I get enough water and I feel kind of watered up and don’t have the cravings for any soft drinks when I’m done with all the water. It’s a bit of a challenge the water thing for me, so every time I drink I make sure it’s water, so I can try to get to my target water-intake. And I find it quite true for me what they say – you are not actually hungry, you are dehydrated but you are so used to it that your body can’t tell the difference. Making you properly hydrated is really making the body actually hungry when it’s hungry.




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