Talk is cheap



So you know what will make any kind of irrational-crazy-mode go away or at least become small? Talking about it. Just like Brené says. Of course. Thanks Brené, I just don’t take on board enough of what you say in those moments of gremlings-brain-hijacking-crazy-bananza.

Exposing your gremlins in the ugly light, stepping over the biggest one – the shame-gremlin – and they will most of the time take for the hills. They like the darkness in your head. But when being exposed to someone who will understand how you feel (empathy not sympathy, look into Brené Browns talk RSA Replay for clarification), someone who will give your normal self enough encouragement to grow bigger, someone who will give rational good advice – they will go away because they are at their core weak, if you only dare stare them down with the help of your friend. They might turn up again as soon as you been left alone a bit – but then you just need to start talking about it again.

Fuckin’ annoying! But it works. For sure I don’t want to do it. Nono, I prefer dvd:s and candy and suffer in silence. And being a drama queen about it. And the gremlins love that state, so they will do everything to keep you there. I was so caught up in it the other day that I couldn’t talk about it – so I texted instead. That was a good step, and then yesterday I finally got around to do it. To talk. So today I can breathe and be normal again. For a little while at least. 🙂 I expect them to return… I’ll be ready waiting… Bring it on!

Confession: I hate pressing the spell-check in this blog before posting an entry. It just feels horrible to me to get told how many spelling-mistakes I’ve made. Like I suck because I’d made some spelling mistake. I know it’s wrong, I mean it’s not even my mother tongue. I force myself to do it. But sometimes… I ignore it because it can be too difficult to face my obvious imperfections that gets enlightened with a red line… Nuts! I know. Working on it…



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