Water water everywhere… But apparently not a drop to drink


Let’s talk about water shall me? Actually, you have no choice in the matter, I’m doing it anyway!

Why don’t you drink water people? It’s good for you! Done.

Diet Coke vs Shake


Many seem to think the above (but reversed), doesn’t have water in the example, but that Diet Coke/Pepsi Max and so on is just as good as water! It’s liquid right? And that will keep you dehydrated enough. No, no, no, no, no! WRONG! It’s a freakin’ can of chemicals people!


I’m not saying you CAN’T drink a can of soda. (But don’t use this as an excuse to drink 3 a day because I said it can be okay.) But not instead of water, not to think that it counts as your daily hydration. And seriously – do I really need to say this? Don’t we all kind of know that water is good for you? But still I see SO MANY PEOPLE just drinking their sodas, but as long it’s sugar-free it a-okay. It’s come to the point where it makes me a little frustrated and I kind of want to pull the cans out of their hands and be all “water-bitch” on their asses. But, you can’t do that. I’ve heard.

It helps you lose weight, it makes the body feel good, it makes you not so hungry (you know we are so used to be dehydrated that we confuse it with hunger) and you flush out all the toxins that you just would have added with yet another can of soda.

Now, I’m admitting that it can seem like a lot of water to drink, if we are to drink what they suggest. (You know the amount, don’t the silly, I don’t have to tell you! Otherwise, ever heard of google?) So you need to plan for it. Sipping out of a water bottle every now and then are not going to cut it. I drink two glasses before breakfast. I drink a glass before lunch, dinner – any meal really. I fill up my water bottle and make sure it’s finished at the end of the day. And if I exercise – that is at least another water bottle. And I drink another glass of water before I go to sleep. It really helps, I want to add. If you’re taking pills as your daily routine – make sure you drink another glass of water while swallowing them. You are already standing there drinking water (I hope) so just get some more into you. But just make a plan that works for you. And stop drinking sodas. Full stop. Now. Right away. No excuses acceptable.


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