Bright side!



Right, well. There is so much going on all the time right now! Always something new to be nervous about, made up scenarios in my head to stress about, people not doing things as I want them… and you know… life.

Today we have fit club— without our instructor. I’m one of the people left in charge. Okay… Let’s just make something up. It’ll be fine. We aren’t that many in the group and we know each other rather well by now.

Tomorrow I’m doing my first solo wellness evaluation. Without my sponsor that is. And without the magic scale (well they are fucking expensive and I haven’t bought one). I’ll just have to make something up! Haha! (A solution that is, not her measurements.)

And then my coach goes: “I want you to think about stopping our coaching sessions.”

I thought: “Oh, no, she can’t think I’m ready to be let loose in the world can she?”

What I said was: “Please don’t leeeeaveee meeee!”

Abandonment issues? Me? Noooo, not at all! I can have an emergency session if I want here and there when situations arise. Man, I don’t know… I guess I can’t spend my entire life in session with her, just you know… because it’s fun.



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