Happy Birthday Mum!



I have a pretty awesome kick-ass mum! And today is her birthday!


I mean, she’s like my absolute favorite mum! But through my life, I am over and over again reminded of how grateful I am to have her, just her, in my life as my mother. She is wise, smart, gives you amazing advice, will support you wholeheartedly in every part and step of your life and will always encourage you to be silly and goofy and eat candy.


Let me give you some examples of what is only a small part of what makes up this incredible woman!

-She rides a Harley.

-She is very good and successful at her job and have had an amazing career. Every evaluation states that she is the best at everything she decides do to.

-She plays the clarinet. And saxophone, and the base – and the ukulele.

-She stole her ukulele.

-She likes to talk. A lot. Hence that’s how she forgot to pay for her ukulele and the store owner forgot to charge her for it.

-As a single mum she raised three daughters to be just as cool as she is, and creating an amazing, happy home for us.

-No flower has ever died in her possession. Hence… she has to move to bigger and bigger apartments to fit all her… flowers… in.

-She dosen’t snore! Not one bit… Me and my sisters just lock ourselves up in her livingroom because we enjoy to… sleep close together. All talk about her snoring is just a conspiracy.

-She have a talent to be able to slip on ice in the most interesting ways.

-She has the best taste in lounge music.

-She will not take any bullshit!

I’ve just added some pictures below that I thought she might appreciate. So happy birthday mum, love you!











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