5 reasons why working for yourself is awesome!



I’ve discovered some things when it comes to being in business for yourself a bit. And why it’s like the best thing ever!

1. You can choose your own hours. Hence, I don’t get up at 6,30 in the morning. But work longer in the evening instead. Suits me perfectly. Getting my sleep and being able to get a slow start in the morning is a blessing for me.

2. It’s up to you to be as creative as you want about marketing. Which means you can make up all these fun things that you want to do and call it work (and ignore what you don’t really want to do). I’m going for a walk in the sunshine distributing (work), I’m going to the mall to expose myself and my “button” (work), I’m going to write all this information/projects (work), I’m going to get really creative and draw and put rhinestone on all my pull tabs and flyers while watching a movie (work)… and so on… It’s only the imagination that’s the limit. I have come up with two slightly bigger projects that I’m hoping I can launch. Being a former government employee, this was the part where I felt very limited. I tried a bit, but it was in general not very encouraged. On occasion people laughed at me, thinking I was joking, when I kind of actually wasn’t. In general government employment takes place within a rather strict box. I have realized I prefer to work with things that are outside that box. Like my sponsors response to one of my projects: “I don’t think anyone has ever done that before, but it sounds like a fabulous idea!”

3. I’m writing down all my plans, all my draughts, reports and stuff in different colors. Yesterday was purple day. Today, I was more on orange. Not such a big deal, but it makes it more fun.

4. If I don’t want to talk with someone or be involved with someone – I don’t have to. I alone decide who I work with. I don’t offer a public service or am obliged to give you anything, if I don’t want to. And I only want people with good energy in my life. If you don’t fulfill that requirement you’re out. In my previous position, this was very suffocating for me, having to give service and make myself available to anyone regardless how rude or stupid or negative they were. I had no choice in the matter.

5. I only have to be accountable to myself. If I slack off – I’m the only one suffering by not being able to eat food ;-). I don’t risk being called in to the boss and getting shamed for not performing as expected.

I think in general I love the control part. I control EVERY aspect of my day. I push myself where I want to push myself. I make sure that most things I do I think is fun, and I look forward to my work weeks. I have scheduled days off, of course, but somehow that’s when my head get all of these ideas that I just have to write down immediately.

Who would have known that I’d love sales and self employment? Not me.


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