I think I might actually be a Khaleesi

I'm not a princess!

In Australia I live with my cousin. She’s got a husband and three boys. Our neighbors are 4 bachelor men from the ages of 32 to 60 that hang around pretty frequently. Add to that, the cousins husband got two brothers that come over every sunday to help out at the farm. My cousin is not the girliest of girls either. Further on I have the BF and his male friends as well. To say the least my everyday is a very male dominated environment. It’s a lot of BBQ, beer drinking, fishing, digging various holes and bromances. In general, I don’t mind it at all. Dudes tend to be fun, relaxed and rather honest creatures.

Now, you put me in this mix. I’m a rather girlie girl. Skirts, dresses and make-up. I mostly drink alcohol that are pink, I don’t own any “digging hole”-outfits and tend to fancy Disney-movies and claim that I should be referred to as “princess”. And added to that I also happen to be swedish which comes with it own set of prejudices. Apparently – this makes the men around me believe that I’m made of glass and that I need protection, assistance in most areas of life and really aren’t capable to make my own decisions. This makes me furious to say the least. I think smoke has been seen coming out of my ear on more than one occasion.

I’ve been raised in an all female environment with my mum and two younger sisters. I’ve been raised not to depend on any man to get through life. I’ve had high-powered jobs with a great deal of responsibility, I have plenty of money that I have earned, I have a masters, I’ve lived alone several times, I’m well-travelled and have alone gone to live in countries such as Nigeria and Ethiopia. Make no mistake about it. I can take care of myself. And any assumption of the opposite I do take as an insult to my independence and intelligence.

This is more than me not letting the BF carry my heavy and sometimes rather large bags I have a tendency to drag back and forth between his place and my cousins place. No, because my actual decision-making ability about my life has sometimes been questioned. They desperately believe they have a say about things (this is not the BF) and when they aren’t allowed to have a voice they get upset. Like seriously! Some realize (because the cousin runs to their protection and let them know if they voice their presumed right to guide me they will get their heads bitten of) they should shut up. Now that is how you make me your enemy and I have shut two of these guys out of my life. Let me just finish off with this final sentence – who do you think you are? A guy? Well I’m a swedish viking, you should know better than to mess with me.


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