New adventures!


Well you can’t really say it’s boring being me. Can’t complain about that, sometimes it’s so “unboring” (yes that is a word I just made up) that it might be a little bit too much. I complain to my coach sometimes, can’t I just have two calm/no fuss/no drama weeks??

So – the thing I’ve been setting up? I’m to become a certified Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness! I’ll start 6th of June and will be fully certified in September. Awesome! I had some doubts, but when you finally decide to jump and go for it – then you are just so happy that you wonder why you ever worried at all!

The winding roads of life, even looking back a month I wouldn’t have anticipated this! So I wonder what else I’m going to come up with in the next 6 months. For sure it will most likely not be boring!


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