Lazy weekend



This weekend has been beyond lazy. Actually the entire week has been a little less active than normal. Guess it was needed? I just had so much drama going on in my head, that well, I just couldn’t get around to get that extra energy and do all the things I normally do. Had to manage the crazy gremlins, and they are high maintenance. I have just exercised once this week. I didn’t get the stuff I wanted done for my distribution, most of it mind you, the important stuff.

Then this weekend started off with wine tasting (we live right next door to this amazing wine region – the Barossa – and you just go cruzin’ and drop in wherever it says “Cellar door opened” and try all of this amazing wine you’d never find in the stores). And we managed to find a place that wasn’t officially opened yet, talked the very nice owner in to let us try his port that he had in barrels in the back, and then to bottle it for us in his random other wine bottles and sell it to if for like… nothing! Amazing, spontaneous afternoon.

Then me and BF ate indian, drank my port, slept in, ate cup cakes, drank more port and slept in even more… So no exercising, no real track of all my normal healthy eating routines. Just – no plans, just do what you feel like kind of weekend. Awesome!

So today is sunday and it’s a bit back on track again, preparing for the week to come. Starting my PT course on friday! Whoop whoop! I have pulled my right shoulder-blade though, so exercising needs to be a bit limited. The BF did a great job with pressure point massage and it’s a lot better today. But I swear, man it hurts! He just puts his elbow on the muscle knot and a lot of weight and just bares down. I can “tap out” anytime and he’ll stop. But no, I kind of like it actually, so yesterday I just went with it and I tell you I felt like I was just passing out, just sort of numbing out. It was kind of cool, I thought.

But the day is still rather lazy today anyways. Love it.



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