Smile – and don’t bother



I have learnt that the above statement is true. Not just… in theory, as it would have been before. I see it. I hear it. It is blatantly obvious to me sometimes that the persons gremlins are talking to me, and not their true self. The person in front of me might not know that they are doing it, but I can tell. So it doesn’t bother me anymore. It would have bothered me a year ago. For sure. Even though I might have – in theory – thought that they are just stupid/inconsiderate/mean because of their own crap… I still would have taken the crap onboard, I would have considered their crappy opinions as valuable opinions. I would have let it affect me, the way I view myself and my decisions. Don’t get me wrong I’m still not made of steel and I’m not saying that anything would just roll of me like water… But the everyday small, passive aggressive comment, that would have gone to my soul as a thorn, I just smile at now. I can just see that the comment is made because of the internal crap that’s going on in that person’s head and that it’s got nothing to do with me. I rarely go into discussion about it, I just… smile and walk away. I have no interest in talking to your insecure gremlins. They are not worthy of my time or energy anymore. And it’s not my job to make you stop listen to them.


I get so many comments because of this blog, and the different things I do in my life now. 99,8% of them are nothing but positive and supportive. (Maybe because people that are negative get bumped out of my life pretty fast, they are welcome back if they change their energy into positive, but other wise… No, you are not worthy.) People tell me that they think I’m inspiring, which makes me so happy. If I can inspire one person to seek out their true passions in life, then my work is done! But then… there is the one little remark on occasion. No big statement, but you know, a little comment among others, and I have come to realize that I can also trigger people’s confusion, jealousy and frustration. That I put others excuses/reasons to why they can’t do certain things to shame. I become the example that proves them – or their gremlins – wrong. And really – I find it most enjoyable to be that person. That’s why I just smile and walk away.


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