My eating routine



You know what – right now I don’t really have that much to say! I’m pretty good with things right now. Happy to start my new course tomorrow, smooth sailing, my gremlins have gone on a holiday… Just not stressing out. And I’m not going to start to stress just so I’ll have something to write about! Haha! Because if I’m to read things into my statistics you love it so much more when I stress.

Anyway, I figured, I can take a post to write down a bit of what I eat.



2 glasses of cold water. One with aloe vera (the tall bottle) for making tummy happy, skin clear and to help detox. The other one with tea to help start metabolism and increase energy. Then a shake, the purple thing in beer glass. Hehe. And then the supplements. In this picture it’s Chitosan Fibre Complex (helps with bowels and to block fat), Cell-U-Loss (get rids of water healthy, clears skin, gets to work on cellulite) and Tang Kuei (helps muscle relaxation, anti-stress, anti-PMS).




I have a little snack, mostly I smash my protein bars and drink my tea. Makes me going, keeps the energy up and the hunger at bay. It’s great. And bloody simple. Depending on my day, I can alternate and have a banana (or any other fruit of my fancy) or a sandwich. Or sometimes both.







Shake and supplements (not on this pic, but same as breakfast pic). I drink a glass of my tea with my supplements too. This is a very simple thing I did one day. Protein Powder, Vanilla Shake, Almond and Coconut milk and some passionfruit pulp. Just shake (don’t need it to go into the blender as I did). It’s basically only your imagination that sets the limits. Also in making it as easy as possible for you and your needs during the day. Had a bit of a comparison yesterday with other shake-products out there on the market. Now, our shakes are just packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein for your body. You can use them for weight loss, or weight gain. It’s not blocking out hunger, it’s not subduing cravings, and doesn’t have caffein or artificial sweeteners in it like many others. It just gives nutrients to your body. If you get hungry – add more protein. Not block out your hunger signals. Hence your body gets healthy, it heals itself, it start takes up the good stuff and get rid of the bad. And you lose weight, gain weight… or just get healthy. You are just helping your body to do it’s thing. Not fooling it, forcing it or blocking it. Important!



Now, if I exercise in the evening, I need to eat more than the above picture, and will probably add on a sandwich or the likes.



Healthy meal. Haven’t any good pictures from my life. Maybe I should start taking some. 🙂 This is however what I ate yesterday while out on town. No, don’t go fooling yourself believing that sushi is amazingly healthy. It isn’t actually due to the rice and all the stuff they put in there. But as fast food options goes it’s alright and way better than getting yourself some KFC (oh the horror) or McDonald’s (oh the horror again). I actually went into McDonald’s the other day to ask if they could change my bill into some coins for parking. Due to their cash register-system they needed me to buy something. They do have things for like dollar, and is like mainly ice or some carrots, but I turned and walked out. It’s a matter of principle, people! I wouldn’t even have entered their premises if I wasn’t in a hurry. 🙂

And with my dinner I also drink som aloe vera water (or maybe just some plain water) and eat my supplements.

During the evening I try to avoid the munchies, to continue to drink water, and if I get cravings I try to have dates at hand, or maybe some nuts. If I get hungry again I usually eat some fruit, or I can also make myself another, smaller, shake. Whatever I feel like, and depending on where I am and doing.

And while on this program, my body has for sure detoxed and gone into a healthier state. It actually don’t want things it liked before. I have trouble drinking soft drinks and alcohol, mainly. Cakes are still just fine. But my body instantly sends signals to me to stop drinking my soft drink, and I will feel bad/poisoned even. Not severely, but I feel how my body is responding negatively to it and wants it gone. Very interesting. And good!

My stomach is so much better. After two postings in Africa with a sever case of amoeba and malaria medication, all taking a toll on my bowels making me very sensitive to dairy, my stomach is finally back on track.

My hair, skin and nails feels much better. I’m not soar after exercising in the same way, and I have a very stable energy level. I wake up around 7-8 o’clock in the morning by myself and have no trouble falling asleep in the evening and have a lot of energy to get about my day. I love this. I truly do. I never knew how good I could feel when I started to just give my body what it needs to function properly! Because, that’s what it is. It’s beyond simple really, when thinking about it.




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