First day!



Yeah first day today! I think it’s going to be great! Always very interesting to meet your classmates. I always sit back a bit and observe them, what different roles they take on, how they behave.

I took notes like a crazy person. Page after page. I think I might have been the only one. I just thought “how are you otherwise planning to remember all of this?” But, guess it’s not my problem. It was mostly general information, so it’s not like we are going to be tested, but you never know when some information might be of value. But it’s just me. Then I know I will concentrate and remember most of what was said that day.

It’s mostly quite young people. Like 17, 19, 21 year olds. Not that I was very surprised by that. I felt like super old! But then there were the few odd 40-50 year olds. So interesting group dynamics to come I would suppose. I was just thinking though, if you are 17… I’m not saying you won’t just smash your exams and be an absolute star about how to train. Absolutely you can do that! But how equipped are you to manage a – for instance – 38 year old heavily obese mother of two breaking down crying on you because she just can’t take it anymore? Just… a thought, that’s all.


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