Fitness myth – no 1


While studying I get – obviously – some very useful information. For instance a lot of fitness myths! I knew some of them, suspected some others and others were news to me too (but when being explained they make a lot of sense). And why not share this new-found knowledge to you guys?

Let’s start with maybe one of the biggest myths:


I know. Sorry. Let’s take a moment to recover from the shock… 😉

Anatomically abs (rectus abdominus) is one larger muscle. Connective tissues run over the muscle (give the appearance of six-pack) but it doesn’t cut through the muscle, you can actually scrape it off if you had that desire. Contracting this lager muscle connected from your pubis up to your ribs is just like contracting your biceps. You can’t only contract a part of it. It’s one longer muscle and all the muscle fibre contract together.  You have another set of abs (transverse abdominus), which lays deeper (behind), but it as well is one larger muscle. You can say you have deeper and superficial abs, but not upper or lower. Depending on position and resistance you can however feel the tension in different parts of this muscle.

To lose that fat that is stubbornly clinging on to your lower abdomen – you need to shed your body fat in general, and to eat healthier. That will lead us in to another fitness myth… which will be posted later ;-).


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