Fitness myth – no 2



You can spot-reduce and remove fat using specific exercises.

No. Actually, you can’t. So all of those lunges for kicking cellulites ass – no good. All of those “lower-ab-exercises” to kill that pouch on your lower belly – for nothing! I wait while you go and cry for a bit. It’s okay. I understand, I so want it to be true to.

Here is why. You can’t choose where to lose fat. When you start burning fat – fat cells from all over your body will be used. Where from and how quickly depends on genetics and body shape. But hey, that’s not fair! I didn’t say it was…


For example, if that was true, people would have no fat on their faces, since we tend to talk and use those muscles all the time. Not to imagine how you could shape your face by chewing gum!

We can only use fat as an energy source if it’s oxidized aerobically (burnt off). This means while we are alive, breathe, sleep and moving – we use fat (and glucose) as a source to survive. The more you move – the more you burn off from all over your body. Exercises that just moves one body part – like crunches baby – creates a burning sensation which is misinterpreted as fat burning. That is however not what it is. The short explanation is that it is the feeling from your muscles being in a lactate process. That process don’t use fat cells, it uses carbs. Hence, it’s not burning the fat in that area. So get moving people!


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