A run through



My meeting yesterday went fine. I’m welcome to start going to classes if I want, they’ll check if I seem nuts or not, and yeah take it from there. I’ll just have to think about it I think, since it’s not very cheap to sign up to their gym. Bur for sure, I think I would benefit greatly, get a completely different view on being a PT and exercise and just body movement. I have found another gym I want to check out too… Think I might just call them up and see. However, don’t have any numbers to anyone there, just going to have to go through the switch board, like a normal person this time. 😉

I still can’t believe that I’m just calling around asking people/establishments to give me a guided tour and stuff. I used to hate the phone passionatley. I’m still not the most enthusiastic caller, mind you, I do prefer texting, email and PM on Facebook. Social networking has kind of really saved me many times. How did people start dating before texting and FB?? 😉 You actually had to call the person you liked up – and talk to them? That’s just crazy! Ask for their number like directly rather than stalk them on FB and if the time seemed right send a friend request? Lucky me I was born in this day and age. My spinsterhood would probably otherwise have been officially cemented. Now it’s more… still pending. 😉

And yeah – I have started working towards running a 12K race in September. What the heck – if it’s not a challenge then it’s no point right? Exactly what I thought!


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