Fitness myth – no 3


Women who lifts heavy weights – gets big, bulky muscles.

Actually, that is more or less impossible for us to do. We don’t have the testosterone levels and growth hormones to achieve it. Most women only have the capability to replace the muscle tissue they’ve lost naturally since they turned 20. Increasing your lean muscle mass more than a couple of kilo beyond what you are genetically determined to grow is just something very few lucky women can do. If you can do it, it means your metabolism will work harder and you will burn fat faster. Note though, the use of anabolic steroids will increase muscle growth.

Also think about these women who compete in body building – often referred to as examples of how women don’t want to look. (I however like to argue that it’s something wrong that women are so horrified by the notion of being strong, and that society has worked very hard for centuries to make us smaller and weaker (corsets, hello!), and we should realize we can kick ass and be strong and able too! And that this notion of women being more esthetically beautiful when “week/er” is a created one and that we should throw it out the window as long ago outdated.) To be able to look like that you need to put down an enormous amount of work. Work that is customized for that specific purpose. You can’t really accidentally get to that point. You need a strict eating schedule, follow a brutal exercise routine and have a personal trainer that pushes you towards those goals. Dabbing around in the gym by yourself, will not make you look like that.


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