I’m tired too


Today – and yesterday too – I’m tired.

Trying to listen to my body and give it a break. And also, because I have fucked up my back. Doesn’t help with the energy part. I’m eating painkillers at the moment to get it down a bit. And also my hand turned purple yesterday! Seriously it did, well a small part of it at least, around a burn I got two weeks ago. It was purple just for a little while though, but it looked kind of groovy. I tried to get my nurse-friend to agree that it was the early stages of frostbite. She didn’t agree. And neither did she think it was something to be especially concerned about.

Oh, and I can tell you a very Aussie-comment the BF made the other day. I had made him dinner. I made a starter with capsicums and feta, and then we had a chicken dish for main with tomatoes and more capsicums. (Capsicums are the Aussie word for peppers or paprika). Somewhere during the main he said: “I really should start eating more vegetarian.” I looked at him and felt the need to point out that we were in fact eating chicken, which is an animal… But in Australia white meat… kind of doesn’t count. The BF, and most Aussies, eat a heavy diet of red meat. And only red meet. When he makes starters, he grills ribs. When he makes a main – he barbecues skewers of meet. That’s it. He laughed and said that chicken is almost considered vegan in Australia. Every other Aussie I’ve told the joke to – agrees with him.


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