Aca-believe it!



You will only understand if you have seen Pitch Perfect. Love that movie, it’s hilarious. Otherwise – se Pitch Perfect.

So I have a correction to make, curtsey of my nurse-friend. Muscles and/or muscle knots don’t get infected. They get inflamed. I wrote infected in an earlier post. But now I know better. Don’t know if I have ever properly thought about that there is a difference to make. Oh well.

Went to the doctor, but the fever is gone today, and I’m making progress in the right direction. Slowly but yeah, will not end up with a chronic cold anytime soon :-). I was offered antibiotics, I said no thank you, my body can take care of it, and got me my medical certificate. Australia – or maybe in general the world – is a bit more happy to just throw antibiotics at the problem then Sweden normally is. In Sweden I have had to almost force them to give me the antibiotics for my urinal infections when they insist I go home and drink more cranberry juice. Here it’s sort of “yeah, seems you have a cold, here is some antibiotics.” I’m more – if I don’t have to, then I will not take it. If my body can take care of it, let it. If not, sure give me the meds, but not until then. But that’s just us Swedes…


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