Well this sucks


So I’m still pretty sick. The fever is down a bit though, so that’s good. But you know – got a massive cold. Everything just hurts.

Missed an entire week at PT-School. Of compulsory classes and tests. There will be a test on monday, I will obviously not be able to prepare for it, since it’s based on the classes I’ve missed. And since I have missed so much I will not have much of a clue what they are talking about when I do return. All over bad. I still want to finish at the time I had planned. My entire time planning is fucked up now. They are thankfully very helpful and are trying to think out a plan to see if we can still get me graduated the time I wanted. I think they are planning to get me to do it online instead. We will see. It might just not be possible. I have a doctor’s appointment later today, to see if I can get some medical certificates and maybe some miracle medicine. But yeah, they hear over the phone that I’m pretty sick, so it has been said that it wasn’t needed, but I just want to cover my ass. And even if I could technically get my ass to class, it’s still PT-School. Which means you are quite active parts of the classes, doing warm-ups, practicing techniques, not good for me at time being. And when we are not, it’s sitting in a classroom just coughing and hacking away, blowing my nose all the time, risking to get everyone else sick – and just be a general disturbance and annoyance. Best to just stay home and deal with the hand I’ve been given… I mean, I haven’t been this sick for a long time. And to be this sick now – is like the absolute worst possible timing! It’s almost… fascinating how bad timing it is.


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