Let’s gut them all!


I’m staying with my cousin right. They have three kids at the ages of 6, 10 and 12. They are all exited because they are going to get a cousin in a few weeks, since their aunt is giving birth to a baby boy soon. The family was sitting around the dinner table the other day talking about.

“Soon the baby will come out of your aunts belly!” it was announced repeatedly by the adults, mainly the children’s grandparents. That the baby was to come out of the belly. I had to do something. Of course. đŸ™‚

“You know, the belly is not the only place the baby can come out…” I said, big smile.

“Really Sara” said the children’s father. “Where else can it come out?”

“Through the vagina”, I said. I have no problem saying it, if that was what he was thinking.

This caused some confusion around the dinner table. Especially with the two younger kids. The youngest declaring that their aunt was having a boy though… Why were we talking about a vagina?

“No, no, the baby comes out through the vagina”, I tried to explain. Turning to the parents with an evil smile and asking why they haven’t had “the talk”?

This caused even more confusion, especially with the youngest one. How didn’t believe me and stood his ground that all babies get cut out of their mothers bellies.

I just smiled and said to mum and dad who weren’t really getting things properly straightened out: “My work here is done! You can thank me later.”


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