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Okay, life is not going according to plan. Woke up this morning – sore throat, lost my voice and just not feeling very good. So no school today either. Now I have officially missed too much. But I will be able to get a later start or transfer and do it online. So it will work out. No major drama really and for me… In one way it feels good that I don’t have the pressure of school at the moment. I’m currently thinking that doing it online will be my better option, but will see. I need time to just… heal, bot physically and mentally. I don’t know if I’m still a bit “damaged” from my former job and that stress. And when things got stressed – I just couldn’t handle it. I don’t know, it’s just a thought.

I have also sent a “help”-email to my coach requesting an emergency session. Got one booked for tomorrow so I can sort things out in my head. As soon as she went from my life it just went to hell, so I think she needs to come back. She might be my lucky charm!


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