My saving angel



So, trying to get back to my normal routine that has derailed quite a bit lately due to resent events. Got up, granted extremely late, and had a nutritional breakfast. First in like two weeks. Good first step. Got all the normal work choirs done too. *Pat on the back.* They aren’t hard so, I should really not make them into something impossible.

Got some reassurance from my coach, a kick in the ass from her, and it does make a difference knowing I will be accountable to her. Her opinion and/or analysis means the world to me and I trust her more than me in some aspects. If she says something is Bullshit I believe it is most of the time. And if she says that I’m doing things for the right reasons, I believe her too. I needed to hear that after everything has changed a bit and I’ve been confused about what to do with myself and my life. And it’s so interesting to see the difference in the advice I get from her and from my friends and family. Sometimes they are very similar, but in some other aspects they are absolutely not, and I can kind of tell that friends and family might be handing out certain advice with a bit of their own agenda in the back ground. Of course. Their job is not to be totally objective. Their job is to love me. Well, I’m so thankful for her, my saving angel.


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