Cheat meal



This sunday was interesting. I went to my first baby shower. To my knowledge baby showers aren’t something we do in Sweden. I was very suspicious because what I know about baby showers are based on american movies where they make fun of the concept. Among other things they have games. Very, very silly games.

It wasn’t all that bad though. There were two games and they weren’t very silly, and I won a lollipop. And it does provide some interesting observations for me. Aka – Australians and their passion for everything fried. Which is still absolutely fascinating to me. And it baffles me, shocks me and confuses me. They offered a buffet with different things – one part was everything fried, spring rolls, sausage rolls and the likes, and the other part was very nice cold cut meats, cheese and vegetables. The difference in popularity is no longer a surprise. The fried things was very popular of course. I happily ate my meat and cheese silently asking why no one else didn’t stuff there faces with the delicious cold cuts and just opted for the bland fried items they poured ketchup or sweet chili sauce on.

They know that I do some nutrition and when the desert came out it was like “OMG, she eats desert!” and “Aren’t you on a diet?” I almost had the reaction in the picture above. But restrained and said that “No, I’m not on a diet, I just try to eat nutritional food.” Because I exercise regularly and regularly eat nutritional and healthy food – I can afford to eat some desert every now and then and not feel any guilt about it. I have earned it. The concept of cheat meals are quite well established within the fitness/health industry, and for many reasons. One of the major reasons are motivational. You will not be able to keep up healthy eating very long if you don’t reward yourself every now and then. However – you can’t make cheat meals in to cheat days/weeks/months… Defeats the purpose.

It’s all about balance. I sometimes stray from the balance. Exercise too much – and to hard. Eat a wee but too much candy over the course of a couple of days and have to suffer from the detox days later. But in the end it’s all good. It’s about lifestyle change. With emphasis on life.



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