Herbalife for beginners!

Just got your shake dropped off in your lap? Feel a bit awkward and weird and don’t know what to do with this canister of powder? Not to speak about the freakin tea and aloe vera? Not to worry. I got you some awesome step by step instructions to help you along!




Put about a teaspoon of your tea in a glass of water. Put about another teaspoon of mango aloe vera in the glass of water. Or just wing the measurement to your taste and liking, you can’t overdose the produkts!



Swallow down your supplements with your mango/tea water. I especially love my Chitosan Fiber Complex, Cell-U-Loss and Multivitamin!




Now on to the shake! I have put out ingirdience for a quite simple one.

-2-3 scoops/tablespoons of Vanilla Formula 1

-1-2 scoops/tablespoons of Protein Powder

-300 ml Almond milk

-A bunch of Frozen Rasberrys

– 1/2 banana



You measure your liquid (in this case almond milk) in your Herbalife Shaker of course! 🙂




Chuck it all in the blender of choice! Mine is the cheapest one I could find and is breaking any minute I suspect since it started to sound a lot like a broken chainsaw.  Blend away until all is smooth, or until you are happy.



Pour finished blend into your shaker and bottoms up!


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