New scary things



My sponsor has tried to get me to run a part of a webinar that the company does regularly. I have kind of said that I could do it, but have pushed it out of my mind. Until she called yesterday and goes “So you on in 30 minutes, okay?” I was like… “What?!”

I hadn’t prepared, I didn’t know what to say… I haven’t done it before, and when I have logged on to the seminars myself the people doing the part that I would do knows so much more than I do. I freaked, also because I was totally put on the spot, I hadn’t mentally prepared at all (and more importantly I hadn’t written a manuscript, which had been my initial plan, but since I had forgotten about it…). I started to throw excuses at her why I couldn’t. I had forgotten, I don’t speak english as first language, my internet connection might be crap… And so on. Feeling the panic levels going up as my excuses got more desperate and not so hard for her to shot down. My gremlins where having a field day.

Eventually, my sponsor and the webinar organizer had calmed me down, and he insured me that for the first time you aren’t really thrown under the bus like that, and we agreed for me to just jump in and tell my product story. So it all just worked out okay in the end. It can be good to be pushed sometimes. And recognize that the gremlins are currently in control, but they aren’t allowed to make decisions.


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