What’s up my peeps?

Well, I’ve sort of withdrawn into a study cave. Self-imposed nonetheless. My Face 2 Face classes start on monday, and I’ve decided to finish all my online-assignment before it starts. Got the last one done on friday, *pat on back*. And to that I’m doing a lot of research – about fitness, marking, nutrition and sales. And I love it! It’s so much fun! I’m just soaking up as much information as I can, trying to get it down and make it my own. Doing a lot of just brainstorming right now which is the fun part. And organizing – which is fun too! When school gets back on monday I will have limited time to just read things for fun, so I’m trying to squeeze as much as I possible can in now! And then I go out and try to do exercises with my newfound wisdom! Right now I’m studying the squat in detail. So much to learn – because it’s not as simple as it first might appear. And it gets very… haphazardly done in gyms all over the world.


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