So just a short update. Started PT-School on campus full-time this week. And.I.Love.It! It’s so much fun! Having a pretty good time with my classmates too, we have started to exercise together, and are planning all kinds of things (well you know around exercise).

I had a aha-moment this morning. I realized that it’s not too bad getting up in the morning – when you aren’t dreading your day. And I realized that it’s been quite some time (like… years) since I’ve gotten up early in the morning without just sort of hating the reason I’m getting up. How sad isn’t that? How sad isn’t it that I had almost forgotten about it too? Ok, I realize that not everyday from now on is going to be just honkey-dorey in my new field. Of course not! But… I’m finally exited about something, have fun doing something. Even though I liked my studies at uni, I can’t really say that we were having fun while studying. We weren’t actually laughing in class. But I do look at the 19-20 year olds in my class sometimes, and I know that I wouldn’t have been able do to the course without stressing myself out completely when I was at their age. Especially when it comes to the parts about being a leader, and command a PT-session and sales meetings and managing customers. Now, that all seems fun and not such a big of a deal to me, but 10 years ago? Oh, that would have scared the crap out of me!



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