Be a climber – not a puller




I’ve been thinking about a bit of a phenomena this week. Or at least I think it is a phenomena, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s related to that statement “Stop the glorification of being busy”. I think there is also a bit of glorification of being tired. If you are not tired, exhausted, worn out, stressed about everything that needs to get done – well then you are lazy and not trying very hard, and must only live a “half-life”. We must all join in to complain about how tired we are, how when we come home we can’t be bothered to do anything really… But at the same time we need to have perfect lives. It’s a bit ambiguous. We are fatigue, lethargic and eat pizzas and then we complain a bit more.

Last week I was running around a lot, had long days, 12-13 hours before I came home around 8 pm. When home it was just to re-pack, shower, do the days dishes, doing some reading/studying/answering emails and then get into bed. But I wasn’t tired. I have all the energy I need to get through my days. My body actually feels good. It is all down to my nutrition. My first day I had a massive headache when I came home, tired, beat, exhausted… So I tweaked my meals and snacks a bit, and my energy is sky-high to get me trough my studies and exercises, traveling and client meetings. I feel really good. And I think people occasionally wonder what the hell is my problem. If you aren’t joining in the complaining about being tired, if you are actually doing the opposite – praising how good you feel – you are bound to get some evil stares. But I just want to scream from the top of my lungs – you can be like this too! If you only knew that your “quick fixes” is only actually doing you wrong, and if you only knew how good you are going to feel if you just ate good nutrition, drank water, got some medial exercise and skipped all the junk food/starvation. If you only knew – then you would stop this very moment.

You do not need to be constantly exhausted. It isn’t a must. It isn’t your only option. Not everyone feels like that. It’s really also very simple, it’s not a magical potion only a few know about and don’t share. But will it be easy, maybe not to start with. I mean – what then would you talk about?


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