My most common health advice


So in my health coach-business I sit people down and we go through their average day/week. What they drink and eat. How much they exercise and how they sleep. After doing this for a little while I’ve started to sense a pattern. And if you generalize you can put people in two groups and in essence they both get the same advice from the start. Many people struggle with this advice and never seem to progress out of their unhealthy stage into stages further on where I could possibly help them to tweak their diet after more specific requirements.

So what are the groups exactly?

-The McDonald’s group.

In short: they eat junk food twice a day. Like McDonald’s, Hungry Jacks/Burger King, KFC and so on. They are tired and feel “blah” and have skin problems and problem with sleep. They rarely drink water. They don’t eat any fruit or vegetables. It’s pretty common that they drink sodas to get up from energy-crashes.

-The No-eating group.

In short: they rarely eat. Maybe one meal a day, often around dinner time because of family/parter is eating. They do not really drink anything during the day. Can occasionally snack on some sweets to get energy level up, or drink like 10 cups of coffee a day. They are tired, low-energy, feel “blah” and can some time sleep all day, or not very well at all. They don’t eat any fruit or vegetables.

I must say I’m surprised about the high number of people who fall into these groups and I feel sad for them going through life in this state of fatigue and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. I will say almost the same thing to both of the groups. And this knowledge isn’t something they would actually need me for, and my role is more to bring light to things they have denied for a long time and give them a kick in the butt.

I hold up the paper where I’ve written their eating habits and I say: “You are not stupid. You know deep down what you are doing wrong and what needs to be done. And we are going to start relatively¬†easy and that is that you need to start eating/stop eating junk food. You need to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and start drinking water. And you can eat whatever you want at this stage, as long as it’s not McDonald’s, donuts or fried food.”

So that’s my most common advice: eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink water and don’t eat counts, fried food or junk food. Then add on some regular exercising of some sort and you should be able to avoid diabetes II and high cholesterol.



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