My days


So I love my school (in case you haven’t noticed), my classes, my teacher, my work-outs, my studies and like… everything that goes with my studies to be a Personal Trainer. I am so happy that I choose to go for the campus option! And… I get all happy and goofy and I tend to get a little bit over-excited here and there and either start swearing like a sailor (and getting punishment in class for it, now I currently up at 10 sit-ups and 10 jump squats) or in general making a fool out of myself. I literally started singing out my answers in class. And I like step outside of myself watching myself sing and go “What the hell am I doing?”

My weekends are spent prepping for the week to come. Getting as much as I can done so I can go about my 13 hour days smoothly. Washing all my exercising clothes, buying most of the weeks groceries, filling the car up with fuel, getting all the clients sorted, writing CV:s, getting payments/bills paid and so on. And NOT exercising. Just foam-roalling and relaxing the body so it’s good to go on monday for 5 days straight of exercising. So just wishing this sunday can hurry up so I can get up and go to school tomorrow!


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