Apparently I talk to people now


I’ve been quite active to try to network with different gyms/fitness clubs. Not like crazy, but jumping at opportunities that aries through my school. I quickly send emails expressing my passionate interest in their business and could I just maybe get some trainer experience or just come and try some classes? The answer has always been positive.

Yesterday I went to one club that I’ve emailed a bit with. Unfortunately the person I’ve been in touch with was out sick. But because of that I found out that they that day were short of assistant trainers… I chatted up the stand-in trainer so much so that I managed to find that out. Like, I did what? Not only did I do that, the next day I fired off an email to the owner saying something in the lines of: “It seems you need more assistant trainers? If so, I’m willing!” Got an answer that they might need one a bit further down in the future. I thought I did good there. Gotta figure out who next I should harass 🙂




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