Healthy eating rant


So this has potential to become a rant about healthy eating. Consider yourself warned.

I’d like to start my rant of quite sophistically – by quoting Hippocrates.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”

I like to say that I by no means eat a perfect diet. No.One.Does. At least no one whose advice you should take. There are no quick fixes, not if you aren’t planning to eat paleo/Atkins/whatever diet that’s popular right now – for the rest of your life. Any diet that will starve you for a shorter period of time will mess with your metabolism – and most likely have you binge eating in a few weeks and you will just keep putting on more and more weight as a result. Same with exercise routines – if they promise abs within a few days/weeks – they are lying! It isn’t fixed in a week. No diet or exercise regime will magically fix you into a Victoria Secrets Model in a week. What will work is keeping to healthy eating of some sort and regular exercise. Day in and out, week in and out, month in and out… year in and year out. Consistently making it your way of life. That’s it. Your body isn’t going to go “Great! You lost 10 kg doing blahabla-diet, you can now go back to your old habits and I will stay at this weight forever”.

I know getting healthy eating habits down are hard. Bloody murder sometimes. I know getting off that sofa and exercising is super-duper difficult. I know. I’ve been there too. Had to almost put a gun to my own head to get my lazy ass to the gym 1 day a week and not feeling any endorfine-kick when I finally did it. I just felt bored and tired. I’ve fallen off the healthy band-wagon and have had to struggle to get myself back on it. Several times. And I will probably have to do it again. And then again.

But now though one thing is different. I’ve kept it going for a while and I have managed to get myself into a phase I never thought I’d hit. I think I might have gotten myself off sugar. I don’t really crave it anymore. I would like to say it actually turns me off a bit. I don’t know how this happened, really. It wasn’t a goal I’ve had. I have never said I can’t eat candy or cakes. Because I used to have a very big passion for cakes – and candy. I used to think people who don’t crave sugar were crazy, delusional and simply lying to feel better about themselves when they said no to cake. And I’ve told myself that I would for sure never be able to do that, so little point in trying. Me and candy were best buddies, we would always have a good and deeply rooted relationship that could not be rocked by anything.

Then I started to feel really crappy while drinking sodas, especially diet-sodas. It tasted weird even, not like before. And I’d wake up the next day feeling really tired and just… uncomfortable and unhealthy. So I stopped drinking sodas. And then the same reaction came with cakes, not really feeling very good eating it and the next day all sugar-y and “bleah”. So now I’ve stopped cakes, and cut down a lot on candy. Where on earth is this going to end? I am really surprised. And I think I must make a very conscious effort not to come off as absolutely obnoxious in social situations. I can feel that I’m almost becoming judgmental. I really try not to, and I’ve made a decision not to say a single word about anything regarding this. Problem is when you happily chowing down on an apple and drinking green tea at a party where people eat sausages and drink beer – other people tend to react and comment on it. They will even try to force some beer or sausage on you. So sometimes if what I eat are going to be very different then everyone else’s food intake – I tend to get it sorted before the gathering, or just sneak away.

But I feel great. My energy is sky-high. I’m happy and bubbly and have thousand of ideas and heaps of inspiration. I love exercising, I get a massive high, and I just want everybody else to feel this way too! I’ll help you – all you need to do is ask! But I guess people are where I was before, in a loving relationship with the junk-food. But if you just stick to it, struggle on, never give up, fail, get back on it again, fail, and relentlessly just face out one unhealthy thing after another, while one healthy thing after another gets added on, then you’ll get there too. And I think Australia and I get along very well. I don’t know, but… I have never been like this in Sweden. Ever. Ever. I don’t know why, and maybe I will be different there in Sweden too now. But right now, I don’t wanna chance it.



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