Lovely to meet you too!


Me and my cousin had a combined birthday party yesterday. Or it was mostly a birthday party for my cousin and I was mentioned. đŸ™‚

At this party was this girl that I have met briefly maybe once or twice before. We have barely spoken other than changing pleasantries. I remember trying to be polite and asking her some basic questions but not feeling that she was very willing to socialize at that time, and dropped it. Same thing at the party, we might have changed a couple of words but other than that didn’t spend much time with each other. My cousin has a rather large social circle and there was a lot of people in attendance and I spent most of my time around the people I know. I might not be that social, just yet.

I have now found out that according to her I am – let me see if I can remember them all – unsocial (duh, kind of my thing sometimes, I might be a reformed introvert, but I can still turn it back on and ace it!), posh, a snob, think I’m better than her and everyone else at the party, and I am also a disappointment because swedes are apparently party-animals and I did not live up to her expectations in that regard… and to finish it all off, the biggest insult she probably could think of – it appears that I might be a… nerd! You heard it – a nerd.  Oh dear me.


There are so many things that fascinates me with this that I don’t really know where to start, but here goes…

1. Why do you think trash-talking me to my cousin – whom I live with, and is like my best friend and over protective big sister all in one – could possibly be a good idea? And in what world wouldn’t my cousin remain loyal to me and side with you – more or less a stranger?

2. She doesn’t know me at all. Not even a little tiny bit. She has shown absolutely no interest in getting to know me either. She apparently took one look at me and decided to detest me. I wonder if she like really didn’t like my boots or something?

3. A nerd? Like… Is that supposed to be an insult? I just… Yeah, kind of just shake my head. Of course I’m a nerd! I love the Big Bang Theory, watch Walking Dead religiously, love to read all kinds of things I can get my hands on, I’m currently in school, I have a masters, have taken a writing course, I have a huge text-book about 30 cm away from me right now, know way to many movie quotes and the list goes on to incorporate more or less everything in my life and past. There are many things I might not be – but for sure I am a nerd!


But the funny thing is why she concluded I was a nerd. Because I left the party around 11,30 pm and didn’t drink myself into inebriation. That apparently makes you a nerd. And a disappointment, swedes are known to party. I didn’t know that, first time I’ve heard that I must say. Slutty, yes, party-animals, no. We are however notorious introverts!


Another funny thing about it is the reason I was deemed to be a snob. Apparently – I found out the next day from my cousin – they had brought a guy to this party they intended to set me up with. (They have no clue about my relationship status by the way, don’t know I’ve had a boyfriend and that we broke up not too long ago, or if I’m interested in someone or have a flirt going or whatever.) Now – did they tell me that they intended to set me up with this individual? No. Did this guy show me any interest? Speak to me? No. Did this group that this girl and my betrothed belong to hang out with me or anyone I spent time with? No, not so much. Now, because I didn’t show any love-interest in this guy, flirt with him (or whatever they had hoped for) I’m a snob. That I think I’m to good for them. Again – it just fascinates me! If fascinates me that they just assumed that since they have decided that I’m going to like this guy – I will. It is just so fascinating that they seem to believe that they have some kind of authority of my love life, and regardless if it’s state, they are going to influence it without even talking to me about it and I should ultimately be thankful. I just wonder in what parallel universe they actually live in. Or maybe it’s more that they live in the 17 century?

And more so – I can’t believe I draw so much interest to myself. That when I leave people talk about me, and in detail apparently. They dissect how much I’ve been drinking, how long I attended the party (was by far not the first to leave I might add, most people had left and a smaller rather drunk group was left), what I was doing, who I was talking to and so on. How can this be so interesting? I don’t even find it interesting. And if I’m so boring, why is this a subject that apparently can be discussed at length?

So in conclusion. I seriously, really don’t get it. And more so:



So yeah, maybe I might just be an unsocial snob? But if so, that’s okay I think. It should make my life free from these people, shouldn’t it?


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