So it’s full on, as usual now a days, during my weeks. So the blog is suffering a bit. Partly because I need to sleep in the evenings rather than writing posts, but mostly because my brain is so fried during the weeks, that thinking about anything even slightly interesting to say is impossible. And mostly my days consists of school, work-out, study/work and sleep. It really isn’t very interesting!

But I’ve started to stress. Which I’ve been so good at managing for a while now, that when it happened, it really freaked me a bit. Or I started to stress about the stress and made everything worse! But I’m trying to get on top of it, plan and trying to prepare for it happening, so I’m not so caught off guard. This week was stressful because we had tests everyday. They weren’t necessarily very hard, it turned out, but we didn’t know that before hand, and worrying about it was more a strain then the test it self. Next week will be a repeat with tests everyday as well – and more “high pressure” tests this time around. They might be “easy”, but you will not now until they are done, and will still put you in a stressful situation.

So when friday came I just went home and turned into a potato. And woke up this saturday completely spent. A mental stress hang-over I think. Friends from school has agreed to feeling something quite similar. So I’ve chilled today (well actually I’ve been working while trying to chill) and finished my saturday night off with cookies, Pepsi and cartoons (well animated movies, hehe). Talk about soothing my cortisol hormones or something! Haha!

But when I stress – I tend to channel my stress on specific areas/things. And they sometimes are weirdly not the most stressful thing. Like, let’s focus on getting tasks down in my log book (that’s not even do) then the actual tasks at hand. Or, stress about not having printed a form that’s not even going to be used – rather than the actual task at hand. Brain, get yourself together!




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