Me, myself and I


One thing I’ve been thinking about is how me compare ourselves with others all the time. All the freakin’ time. We look at pictures at supermodels and feel bad because we don’t also look like that. And I feel that sometimes people compare themselves with me. And you can say the same thing about both examples really… With me, I live and breathe exercising, fitness and healthy eating. It’s my job, more than full-time and a surround myself with almost only like-minded people. Fitness and health, is what I spend all my days doing. Of course I’m all wrapped up in it. Of course I get heaps of exercise in just by accident almost and need to eat accordingly so I don’t pass out due to malnutrition. So if you are not working as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, if you actually have to take a large bulk out of your day to spend at your full-time job – then why are you comparing yourself with me? Why on earth are you aiming your goals to be somewhere around mine? It’s crazy and completely unachievable. And that’s ok! You need to do what works for you – in your life – and not compare yourself with people who spend their entire days fine tuning the balance of their calf muscle. Or supermodels who have a full-time employers helping them with exercise and nutrition.

We are not all going to look like supermodels. And that’s ok. As long as we are healthy! Not getting sick, can carry our own grocery bags, have energy to get ourselves through our days, having the energy to be active in our lives, keeping that blood pressure within normal ranges and cholesterol nice and low. Feeling good in our bodies and minds. That is what we should strive for! Not some crazy ideal that we can’t possibly get to anyway.

And yes it is easy for me to say, since I have never been over-weight, I love exercise and have created a life where I can do it around the clock. Yeah. It’s easy for me to say this having a body many probably would want. And I guess it is easy, but I don’t talk about of the esthetics here even though it always get’s turned around to that in these discussions. It’s easy for me to not focus on my physic because I don’t need to. Sure, you are not entirely wrong, it might be easier from my point of view. But you know what, it hasn’t always been easy for me either. I’ve been sick, had fucked up back and knees (still do to a certain point), I’ve lived on crappy food, felt absolutely miserable, taken anti-depressant (still do, but less and less) and failed and struggled too. I’ve had help from my coach picking me up when it’s been real bad in regards to healthy routines and destructive mindset. I am by no means super-woman that always has her shit together, and I need help sometimes too. But I don’t beat myself up about it. I don’t think I’ve failed because of it. And more than certain features of my body (like seriously, cellulite camp on my ass), I focus on the way my body makes me feel, how food/nutrients make me feel and how exercise make me feel. That is what I try to tell people, clients, friends and family. How do you feel? I don’t care about the numbers on the scale, it’s just a measuring tool, only useful in some instances. I want to measure your health and fitness based on how you feel, on your energy-level and your excitement that your body can do almost anything if you’d only gave it the tools!


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