My mind takes my body all the way and then some…


Funny story…

Let me tell you about when I passed out in class – in a cheerleading outfit (in front of the guy I think is cute).

During the course we had a number of assessments. This particular day was towards the end of our course, and we had to write a 45 min gym session catering an athlete. Then take one of our fellow classmates threw that program the next day. And you dress up in silly costumes and pretend to be athletes. One of our classmates is a cheerleader and she brought heaps of clothes for us to use. My classmate went first as the PT and I was the athlete client. And she smashed me. She worked me extremely hard, and I pushed myself through. I like being challenged like that – and I didn’t want to stuff her session up by being a difficult client. At this stage though I felt fine.

But sitting up after the stretching – I felt something was wrong. I was tired in a whole new way, and it wasn’t good. I felt a bit unstable and weak and shaky. I slowly got up and went in to the classroom and got down on my chair. And still felt weird and unstable, and getting more and more shaky, and tired. I just felt I had to lay down. So I made it down to the floor next to my seat. And apparently, according to my friend, I was unresponsive during this time. Not for very long, but still. I just kind of wanted to say that I was not unresponsive coz I don’t remember that, but I guess that’s kind of the point. She however went to touch me and that I remember because I jerked like she had electrocuted me. Apparently my entire nervous-system was fucked up due to the excess training.

Eventually my friend got me up sitting, having me eat and drink. But since then my blood pressure has been elevated. It’s annoying and it means I have to take it easy when it comes to exercise. I do feel much better then the first day after, but it still insists to be too high. Me not approving. All those motivational pictures with the caption something like “your body can take almost anything, it’s your mind you have to convince” doesn’t necessarily apply to me. I can apparently push my body into pass-out mode. No problems. And then get mad at it for being a bit shaky afterwards. My poor body. And we don’t mention the guy. No we do not. He is cute, off-limits and I apparently nearly gave him a heart attack.



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