First day


Did my first hours in the industry today!

It was lots of fun – and very interesting. I have two initial reflections I thought I’d share. My opinions might change however since it is only my first day, but I thought it would be interesting to write it down, come back to it and see what I think later down the track!

-There is “shaming” in the industry.

With this I mean experienced trainers shaming more unexperienced trainers for not sharing their philosophies and/or knowledge. It has happened on two occasions that the experienced trainer has been going down rather hard on other trainers. (This was however not today at the gym I was.) It might be expressed in a rather general sense but… I don’t understand how you can expect a recently graduated trainer to have the knowledge you have – with 15-20 years in the industry backing you up. And that’s why we have come to you – to learn. But for me – I will not be coming back if that is the attitude you will express towards me. Maybe we are so spoiled by our coaches at the Institute – that nurture us, lead us, guide us, help us learn, evolve and provide an awesome atmosphere for all of this to happen? And when in the real world you just get confused by the resentment some more experienced trainers show towards “newbies”. If you go on and on about all the stupid trainers out there trying to teach people kettle bells when everyone not approved by you personally are completely incompetent with kettle bells – I will not be picking up a kettle bell anywhere nere you. Even though you probably could have taught me so much.

-I know more then I think I do

I was sitting watching PT:s today. And I was just going… I would not have made that exercise choice. And I can back it up with good arguments too. Sometimes I wanted to ask what the purpose was, maybe they had a good plan/reason behind it, and I was left in the dark. But I’ve tried to reason about it, but I still can’t think of a good argument for it. Not the way it was done. And that was very fascinating to me! It’s going to be so interesting from this point of view to continue to shadow, and see what I can pick up in this regard! And we are supposed to write down our favorite 20 exercises that we’ve picked up after our weeks out in the industry. Today – I’ve written down 0.


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