Expectations about weight loss



One thing that is becoming more and more evident is this notion of the “easy” fix to weight loss. Or toning up, or whatever it might be. You do a day here or there, eat a salad here or there, and think that you’ll be able to see great improvements.

Many seem to be very unaware of the actual work that needs to be put down. The relentless hours at the gym doing HARD work outs. There is a myth about the fat burning zone. That to burn fat you only do low-moderate intensity work-outs. In theory it’s right. In reality it’s wrong. It’s being used as an excuse basically. Yes, at low/moderate intensity you will burn more fat. But the higher intensity you work at – the more calories you burn. And at higher intensity work-outs you will still burn fat. That will not stop all together. It is always more beneficial to work at a harder intensity.

But also the consistency that is needed in change of diet to see results. It’s not going to change anything that you one day here and there opt for a more healthy eating option, when your all the other times don’t get healthy eating down very well. Or eating at all for that matter.

And you look to health professionals to help you with the easy fix. Thinking we might have a miracle cure to achieve your goals. But we don’t! It’s not actually going to be easy, or be done in a heart beat. We can however help you be consistent, make things fun, doing things the right way, prevent injuries – and that is going to get you results. But not over night.


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