Cancellation policy



Me vs You. Let’s battle it out. The challenge is consistency.

I mark many work-outs throughout the space of say 3 months. You don’t. You are highly inconsistent most likely. Some weeks you do real good, others are a big failure. Most, come to think of it, don’t turn out the way you’d hoped. But you know – life! Things get in the way. Actually! Work, and kids, and sleep, and being absolutely spent, and wine, and friends, and sunshine, and coffee, and sleep. Yes, we can argue that I have no life, but that might be a different discussion. We can use one of the members at they gym if that is better. She is at the gym more or less everyday. She’s got a 4 kids, working and got a husband in the military that goes out for field for weeks on end. She is going to compete in a fitness competition and is putting in hard work at the gym.

What would the single most important difference be? We don’t let things get in the way for our work-outs. We consider them important meetings booked in with our bodies. We will make them priorities in life. Yes, we can meet and have a glass of wine – after the workout. Yes we might have a doctor’s appointment for 30 minutes in the afternoon… but that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything else that day. We will just go to the gym afterwards. But, you might not actually have the time, it’s just too much to do and you haven’t eaten properly. There are days when I run around like a crazy person too, and can’t for the life of me understand when I’m supposed to have time to shower (yes, truth). But those days are the exception and we always make sure we have food enough so we can work-out. You should see the stack of luggage in the joint PT-office because we are dragging around food for half an army, extra exercising clothes, towels, shower-things, different kind of shoes, containers of protein powder… And so on. Might not be really necessary for a normal person to spend every night packing for 30 minutes, but throw in an extra banana or 2 so you are good to go. Stop using excuses. You have decided to work out three times this week. Unless you’re sick those appointments stand and you can’t cancel. You don’t seem to be in a hurry to cancel any other appointments, so why these? They are important and should be something top high on your list of priorities. Why are you – and your health – not the most important thing in your life? Why aren’t you worthy of that time to maintain/gain health? Take a moment or two to contemplate that.

PS. You are worthy.


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