You’ve got it oh so very wrong



I’ve got a couple of questions and/or comments the last week, which I think probably are very common ways to go about things in regards to health and fitness. The thing is that they are just totally wrong and goes a long way in explaining why you are ultimately failing.

“No, I will not have any cake. I just started my diet!”

Now, why is this wrong you think? Because it should not be a diet! It should be a lifestyle change! If it is a diet you are planning to stop at one point right? And then what? Well you’ll just put on all that weight again, and then some. Weight-loss never works in the way that the body goes “hey, it’s fun being at this weight, lets stay there!” And you do know that.

It should be something you can commit to – forever. And to be able to do that – you need to allow yourself some cake once in a while. Not everyday, but here and there. Otherwise you’ll go crazy and eventually end up in some kind of binge eating haze. Ask any slim/fit person if their eating habits are perfect everyday 12 months a year? The answer will absolutely be no. But the majority of their meals are.


“Is it okay to eat maybe another fruit for my snack between lunch and dinner?”


Of course it bloody hell is! When it comes to fruit and vegetables – knock yourself out! Have a swim in it if you wish. The problem is not that you had two apples instead of one as a snack, and you know that very well. The problem is all the crap you eat in addition to that extra apple – and that you don’t “ask permission” for. That secretly hidden chocolate bar in the car and late night ice cream/chips and that soda you have with your dinner. THAT is the problem. Not if you eat an extra fruit. People are so concerned about getting the healthy foods right (what about the fructose in the fruit and fat in the avocado) but have no problem justifying chips, candy and alcohol (that have some pretty scary chemicals altering your biological functions). That is completely backwards and you know it. Cut the crap out first, and then we can start talking about fruit ratios if that still poses a problem for you, but until then I will refuse to say anything about your fruit and vegetables other than “eat it!”

Many times specialized nutritional advice are only valid for professional athletes, people who do a lot of exercising and needs to time carbs or people with certain health issues such as diabetes, celiac etc. For normal people the advice “just cut out the crap most days” goes a long way. And the people who need specialized nutritional advice should see a certified dietitian.

This article is great in highlighting the problem.


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