Planning to eat


Oh dear I’m tired. Like someone just pressed an off button. Think I need some rest, going to try to take it easy tomorrow. Cut down on training today too.  And it’s not always easy trying to rectify 8 years of sitting at Uni and at work. You can almost single-handedly point some of my issues down to all the damn sitting. If you sit all day – it really doesn’t matter if you do 1 H at the gym, tree times a week. That will not counter act that. My back muscles are basically fucked up, and hamstrings, and hips and quads, and gluteus. Nothings is working the way it’s supposed to. But I’ll just have to be patient. Fixing 8 years of not moving will not be done in a few months. Muscles needs to be unclenched, released and learn how they are supposed to work, and how to work together. It’s a process, but I do see progress already. Going on regular massages really helps with that too. And having my own PT, targeting my weak muscles, cueing my posture and looking after me, is really good too.

But another thing is that since I’m not used to be so active, and moving so much – I’m also not used to the amount of food I need to eat. When you work in an office, you can afford not to eat a proper lunch. You’ll get a bit hungry maybe, but that’s probably it. Now it’s a completely different ball-game. I just stop functioning – in a bad way. I’ve passed out! A whole other level of depletion hits, and you can feel in your body what it needs. Carbs, mostly. But it takes planning to avoid you from not getting to depletion status, and I’m not really used to have to be so on-top with my food. I’m not used to have to eat such an amount of food either. And sometimes I fail. And I need to listen to my bodies signals and adjust my activity level if that happens. So today, even though I spend the entire afternoon eating, I didn’t join in and exercise. And now I’m going to finish today off with some more eating!


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