And again: leave girls alone at the gym


I’m working out at the gym. I’ve been killing myself and I’m finishing off with some dumbbell shoulder presses. Towards the end of my set, I’m really struggling, you know, it’s heavy as shit at this stage. I’m making faces, and might not have the smoothest movement pattern. When finished, the guy next to me strikes up a conversation and suggests that I should probably sit down while doing my shoulder presses. I walked away. (I know what I’m doing, I’m standing up for my core activation) 15 minutes later I was back in the gym wearing my gym shirt that has PERSONAL TRAINER printed all over my back. The guys eyes popped out I think. Yes, you DID just do that. Suggested to a personal trainer that she should take it a bit easier.

Guys (because it seems to be mostly something guys do) – do not EVER comment on the weight a girl is lifting/pushing/pressing. Do not EVER voice your opinion about how you find the size of her muscles. No exceptions. Wanna chat up a girl at the gym? Talk about you preferring to squat in the smith machine instead of the squat rack, or just ask if she is done with a bench, or mat, or whatever! Or just say she is a boss and congratulate her on a good set. (I would go with the last one)

Lesson over kids.


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