My people


Yeah I know! Posting frequency sucks!

I’m trying to build my business, get clients and start earning a proper living. I’m freakin’, painfully broke at the moment! But I really like it. I’ve gotten into being self-employed a bit, organizing my days myself and not stressing about that. The days are really long at the moment, but that’s the way it’s got to be, and I’ve started to nap! Around lunchtime I go down for a good hour sleep on a gym mat in the office. Even brought a blanket to add to my comfort!

I’m also finding my tribe, “my people”. Who likes what I do as a PT and what goals do they usually have? Well, apparently I have people liking me who wants to lose weight/tone up and are relatively new to the gym. They are my people. My tribe. And I’m getting better and better at spotting them out on the gym floor. I saw a mother with her three teenage daughters the other day. I was checking them out a bit. The daughters had blue and purple hair colors. And I knew, they were my people. After a free session two of them are now my clients. If I do a walk and the only ones in the gym are guys in their early 20’s doing bicep curls in front of the mirror with tank tops showing their nipples? Well, I go back up to my office because those are not my people.


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