What’s this life

Sometimes life really needs to slow down! Haha!

Things are always changing. I’m going back to Sweden. I have officially handed in my notice to the gym, and I’m applying for jobs in Sweden. I’m actually looking forward to going back. It feels strange and fun and exciting. Another, new chapter! I’ve got some plans about what to do, new studies to complement my PT-studies. And I’m excited. I think I might return to Australia, but don’t know when. Saving some money is key at the moment. Then regroup and move forward. While working, saving money, it might just be what I need to find the path forward.

Life is strangely good at the moment, despite everything that’s changing.


The past



Well, let’s have a “what happened this year” kind of post, shall we.

Started off this year in Sweden, waiting to return to Australia. I had gone home, put everything I owned in storage and gotten myself a visa. I arrived in Australia January 17. I had been a bit troubled about whether or not I should go back, but once back I knew it was the right decision!

I started off trying to get a job. Which turned out to be a bit harder than anticipated. I have a master in political science, but couldn’t hardly get anything. Mainly the visa appeared to be a problem. I did however get involved with Herbalife – and their fit clubs. Just to get out and do some exercise. One thing lead to another – and I signed up to study to become a Personal Trainer at the Australian Institute of Fitness. I started in July and finished beginning of October. And two weeks later I got my first job as a Personal Trainer at Blackwood Fitness. And I’ve spent my life working and working out since then! Trying to build my business. I have no idea what’s going to happen next year – and that’s kind of the way I like it. 🙂

You are on your own



One thing that’s happened after I’ve become a PT – is that random people seem to think that I’m passionately interested in everyone’s health and training. Don’t get me wrong, I like to talk training – a lot. But preferably with people who actually train themselves in some form. We can talk reps and weight and sequence and post-recovery meals until the raptures. Let’s do it. But, I might not be to interested in why you haven’t trained this week. Or that someone you know has trained 6 times this week. Or about your friends weight loss. Or why you still haven’t trained. And why you haven’t trained at all this month come to think of it… and so on. If you are not my client, I’m not going to be at all interested in your excuses not to train. Those are your decisions. Own them. My approval or disapproval or whatever you are seeking doesn’t matter at all. You are an adult – train, don’t train, it really is up to you. Why you need to tell me, I don’t understand. I’m not some kind of supreme training controlling government agency that makes sure that if you haven’t trained – you have a really good excuse. I usually just smile and say “aha aha, ok, you don’t say” and leave it at that. Here is the thing though – I can’t help you. If that’s what you are seeking? Some magical words that’s going to make it ok, or that’s going to make you wanna train? There are no short cuts. That would be the biggest fitness myth of all time. You and you alone need to get your ass off the sofa. I’m not going to be there after you come home from work and drag you to the gym, or roll you out of bed 45 minutes earlier in the morning. You need to find the motivation to do it by yourself. I can’t make you. I can’t make my clients do it either. It all starts with you. You are an adult, own your own decisions.

My people


Yeah I know! Posting frequency sucks!

I’m trying to build my business, get clients and start earning a proper living. I’m freakin’, painfully broke at the moment! But I really like it. I’ve gotten into being self-employed a bit, organizing my days myself and not stressing about that. The days are really long at the moment, but that’s the way it’s got to be, and I’ve started to nap! Around lunchtime I go down for a good hour sleep on a gym mat in the office. Even brought a blanket to add to my comfort!

I’m also finding my tribe, “my people”. Who likes what I do as a PT and what goals do they usually have? Well, apparently I have people liking me who wants to lose weight/tone up and are relatively new to the gym. They are my people. My tribe. And I’m getting better and better at spotting them out on the gym floor. I saw a mother with her three teenage daughters the other day. I was checking them out a bit. The daughters had blue and purple hair colors. And I knew, they were my people. After a free session two of them are now my clients. If I do a walk and the only ones in the gym are guys in their early 20’s doing bicep curls in front of the mirror with tank tops showing their nipples? Well, I go back up to my office because those are not my people.

It’s still weird


So this self employment thing is still weird for me. I’m not used to it. I still wait for people to tell me off for not being in on time and stuff like that. One can even say that I worry about it, stress about it… I’m trying to tell myself to stop being silly, but I’m not used to work under circumstances like this. I wish I would just relax and enjoy it, but that would just be to easy wouldn’t it? It’s gotten better this week though. And it’s cool – nobody is telling me what to do! And it’s absolutely lovely having contact with potential PT clients and gym members. I always thought it would be horrible, it was something I dreaded from before, but it’s so much fun this time around.

And again: leave girls alone at the gym


I’m working out at the gym. I’ve been killing myself and I’m finishing off with some dumbbell shoulder presses. Towards the end of my set, I’m really struggling, you know, it’s heavy as shit at this stage. I’m making faces, and might not have the smoothest movement pattern. When finished, the guy next to me strikes up a conversation and suggests that I should probably sit down while doing my shoulder presses. I walked away. (I know what I’m doing, I’m standing up for my core activation) 15 minutes later I was back in the gym wearing my gym shirt that has PERSONAL TRAINER printed all over my back. The guys eyes popped out I think. Yes, you DID just do that. Suggested to a personal trainer that she should take it a bit easier.

Guys (because it seems to be mostly something guys do) – do not EVER comment on the weight a girl is lifting/pushing/pressing. Do not EVER voice your opinion about how you find the size of her muscles. No exceptions. Wanna chat up a girl at the gym? Talk about you preferring to squat in the smith machine instead of the squat rack, or just ask if she is done with a bench, or mat, or whatever! Or just say she is a boss and congratulate her on a good set. (I would go with the last one)

Lesson over kids.

Self-employment is my thing


Day 2 at my new job as a Personal Trainer! And… I like it.

It’s weird to be self-employed. Especially coming from a rather regulated/organized/strict working environment as government employed. There are much more rules that you need to follow. There is a time you are to be at work, there are things you are obligated to do, you have to stay at work until a set time. You need to ask for permission if you want to do things outside these routines. You need to think inside the box. Out of the box thinking is scheduled, and can be taken on board, if there is money and time to make it a priority. Someone else sets your worth through your pay.

Now… I don’t answer to anyone. My first day… I just showed up. No one had told me when to come. And then… I just decided to go home. No one has told me when I can go either. I can take a 3 hour lunch break if I want (like many of my colleagues). Later today I’m going to spend time working out, at my job. And it’s weird. Like… I can just decide these things myself? That’s awesome! Now, I do like 12 hour days sometimes, but… I decide. And it’s freeing! It’s amazing! I love it! No one can boss me around, dictate my hours and my working day. There are certain obligations, but I can decide how to go about it all by myself. And these obligations are actually more for me to get clients, so I jump at them. Let me just say it again – changing my career to this is like the best thing I ever done!