It’s still weird


So this self employment thing is still weird for me. I’m not used to it. I still wait for people to tell me off for not being in on time and stuff like that. One can even say that I worry about it, stress about it… I’m trying to tell myself to stop being silly, but I’m not used to work under circumstances like this. I wish I would just relax and enjoy it, but that would just be to easy wouldn’t it? It’s gotten better this week though. And it’s cool – nobody is telling me what to do! And it’s absolutely lovely having contact with potential PT clients and gym members. I always thought it would be horrible, it was something I dreaded from before, but it’s so much fun this time around.


Self-employment is my thing


Day 2 at my new job as a Personal Trainer! And… I like it.

It’s weird to be self-employed. Especially coming from a rather regulated/organized/strict working environment as government employed. There are much more rules that you need to follow. There is a time you are to be at work, there are things you are obligated to do, you have to stay at work until a set time. You need to ask for permission if you want to do things outside these routines. You need to think inside the box. Out of the box thinking is scheduled, and can be taken on board, if there is money and time to make it a priority. Someone else sets your worth through your pay.

Now… I don’t answer to anyone. My first day… I just showed up. No one had told me when to come. And then… I just decided to go home. No one has told me when I can go either. I can take a 3 hour lunch break if I want (like many of my colleagues). Later today I’m going to spend time working out, at my job. And it’s weird. Like… I can just decide these things myself? That’s awesome! Now, I do like 12 hour days sometimes, but… I decide. And it’s freeing! It’s amazing! I love it! No one can boss me around, dictate my hours and my working day. There are certain obligations, but I can decide how to go about it all by myself. And these obligations are actually more for me to get clients, so I jump at them. Let me just say it again – changing my career to this is like the best thing I ever done!

My week



Yoo-Hoo – how are you doing?

I’m rather beat after a week with classes, commuting and exercising and networking. Got a Trainer Experience booked. Had my birthday. On monday I have booked a proper PT session with one of the coaches at school, she has been instructed to kick my ass and I know she will. I’m looking forward to it so much! That’s my kind of training! And we are going to start a weight loss challenge as well within the community… And… there is something else I think… 😉 I just love it. It’s amazing how much you get done, how your priorities change when you are so passionate about what you do. I don’t know when I last watched tv, but I don’t miss it at all.

And I’m still talking. Like – how did that happen? The other night I was chatting more with my fellow training participants trying out a class for the first time then the employed assistant trainer did. Sometimes I wanna just step out of myself and say “Who are you and what have you done to myself?” And it’s not forced, it’s not something I struggle with, over-think, stress about… Without much thinking about it, I just do it. That would NEVER have happened a year ago. Seriously, I would have gotten mad at you if you talked to me. I would have given you an evil stare. Today I even started chatting with the person making my sandwich at Subway. Yeah, I know right!? It’s totally just… so weird! Ah well… but it does makes ones life a wee bit easier. Especially since my success in things now a day is relying quite a bit on networking and word of mouth of my business. It’s about making people feel good in any way I can so they want to come back for my services or hire me.

And having a good and goofy time at school just makes me so over energetic and enthusiastic that I just don’t know what do to with myself. One of my friends at school decided that today she was a crazy italian instructing me in my flexibility-testing. My persona was later on a lazy woman with 14 cats that related everything to her cats – strength, time management etc. I wonder who we are going to show up as next week…

Herbalife for beginners!

Just got your shake dropped off in your lap? Feel a bit awkward and weird and don’t know what to do with this canister of powder? Not to speak about the freakin tea and aloe vera? Not to worry. I got you some awesome step by step instructions to help you along!




Put about a teaspoon of your tea in a glass of water. Put about another teaspoon of mango aloe vera in the glass of water. Or just wing the measurement to your taste and liking, you can’t overdose the produkts!



Swallow down your supplements with your mango/tea water. I especially love my Chitosan Fiber Complex, Cell-U-Loss and Multivitamin!




Now on to the shake! I have put out ingirdience for a quite simple one.

-2-3 scoops/tablespoons of Vanilla Formula 1

-1-2 scoops/tablespoons of Protein Powder

-300 ml Almond milk

-A bunch of Frozen Rasberrys

– 1/2 banana



You measure your liquid (in this case almond milk) in your Herbalife Shaker of course! 🙂




Chuck it all in the blender of choice! Mine is the cheapest one I could find and is breaking any minute I suspect since it started to sound a lot like a broken chainsaw.  Blend away until all is smooth, or until you are happy.



Pour finished blend into your shaker and bottoms up!

New scary things



My sponsor has tried to get me to run a part of a webinar that the company does regularly. I have kind of said that I could do it, but have pushed it out of my mind. Until she called yesterday and goes “So you on in 30 minutes, okay?” I was like… “What?!”

I hadn’t prepared, I didn’t know what to say… I haven’t done it before, and when I have logged on to the seminars myself the people doing the part that I would do knows so much more than I do. I freaked, also because I was totally put on the spot, I hadn’t mentally prepared at all (and more importantly I hadn’t written a manuscript, which had been my initial plan, but since I had forgotten about it…). I started to throw excuses at her why I couldn’t. I had forgotten, I don’t speak english as first language, my internet connection might be crap… And so on. Feeling the panic levels going up as my excuses got more desperate and not so hard for her to shot down. My gremlins where having a field day.

Eventually, my sponsor and the webinar organizer had calmed me down, and he insured me that for the first time you aren’t really thrown under the bus like that, and we agreed for me to just jump in and tell my product story. So it all just worked out okay in the end. It can be good to be pushed sometimes. And recognize that the gremlins are currently in control, but they aren’t allowed to make decisions.

It’s friday



So, well, I don’t have any inspiration!

It’s been going pretty good with my wellness coach business. Just some progress in the right direction, that’s all. Always nice to see that your work is starting ever so slowly to pay off. But it also means you just need to keep doing it, to continue to see results. Can’t get lazy and think that things will just magically continue to progress. I am also gotten properly back to my own healthy eating routines, after derailing a bit, and that feels great. My flu has finally gone away completely and I could join in our fitness club on Tuesday. So all is going in the right direction for now. But I miss him. So much.

How to get nice skin – the basics

I have gotten a lot of compliments for my skin lately. I think it’s got a lot to do with my healthier lifestyle. Thought I’d run through a bit of what I do. I’m however not a dermatologist or the likes. Wouldn’t know a lot about curing acne, since I haven’t had any real problems myself. I think I have very normal mixed skin, oily T-zone and in winter a bit dry on cheeks. (We are talking Swedish winter though, not this pretend winter they have in Australia, hehe.)

This is how I normally look. So you can see what it’s about. 🙂


Parden the beanie. Pic taken when out for a walk in the morning today, just put the beanie on and off I went. Don’t have any make-up on.

My thoughts…

1. Drink water. Yes, this AGAIN! But it flushes out all the crap that’s clogging up pores and makes the skin look dull and sad. Drinking – yeah you guessed it – sodas of ANY kind with all the chemicals. No good flushing toxins out. They just add on to it!

2. Eat healthy. A happy stomach makes happy skin. It is not very well established I think, but if you make your stomach happy, rebuild cells and feed your skin (body) with nutrients it helps make your skin look better. Some people who have tried everything to get rid of acne or other skin problems can sometimes be asked how their stomach is feeling in an attempt to get to the rout of the problem.

3. Clean your skin. Everyday. Yeap, apparently this needs to be stated. It should be just as much as a daily routine as brushing ones teeth.

4. Moisturize your skin. After every cleaning. Be careful with the skin underneath your eyes, it’s thin, hence dries out more easily and therefore has a tendency to develop wrinkles. I mean yes to buy special eye cream and gently apply it underneath your eyes. Apparently you should use your ring finger since it is the weakest finger. Bit interesting.

5. Deep cleaning. Once or twice a week, you should not do it too often since your skin needs time to recover and shouldn’t be overstressed. Resist the urge to go bananaz on it in an attempt to get fabulous skin immediately. Pick your choice: mask, scrub etc.

6. Give it time. Just be relentless. Have a skin care routine that you repeat without fault. After long days, after late night partying, while staying over at friends houses etc.

7. Try not to use to much make-up in your everyday. Especially the powders, and foundations and concealers that tend to just clog up everything. We are different in this aspect however. Some say they must put on foundation or BB-cream everyday. I’d say avoid it and just use it for more special occasions. But we are all different, have different skin and different lives. But work around your life and use as little stuff on your face as you can.


I like skin care products. I could easily just… live in those kind of stores. And I like to buy products in the middle price range. Not the cheapest drugstore brands, but I haven’t yet hopped on the Chanel or Dermatologica bandwagon. It’s just a little bit too expensive for my wallet and priorities. I prefer products from Body Shop and Kiehl’s. They do the work and is not going to ruin you. Good combo. I have a daily mouzuriser, an eye cream, a night creme (all from Body Shop) and a scrub from Herbalife (the one below), a daily cleanser, a toner and a deep cleansing mask, all from Kiehl’s.

Now. A couple of tips from the products that I sell.



This product is helping you to disperse of water in your body. Aka help with cleansing. And I think the results I’m seeing is due to this product. Did I tell you that it also helps with cellulite? It really is a girls best friend ;-).

Daily facial scrub



Since I haven’t allowed myself to buy new products unless they replace something that has run out… I haven’t gotten as many facial products from Herbalife that I want. But I do have this one. It is a facial cleanser in the middle price range. Now, if I compare it from the one I have from Kiehl’s there is one major benefit with using Herbalifes…

I use a toner after cleaning my face and before moisturizing. Primarily to remove any dirt and make-up traces that are left on my skin. I have felt that it has been extra necessary if I have had foundation or BB-cream on my skin. But with the Herbalife product… there is not much residue left on my skin when I get around with the toner. It cleans everything out itself and the need to use the toner to clean is none, it rather works a just refreshing and extra moisturizer instead. The Kiehl cleanser is not at all as good to get it all off. So I do recommend this if you feel that your daily cleanser isn’t really getting the job done properly.