Self-employment is my thing


Day 2 at my new job as a Personal Trainer! And… I like it.

It’s weird to be self-employed. Especially coming from a rather regulated/organized/strict working environment as government employed. There are much more rules that you need to follow. There is a time you are to be at work, there are things you are obligated to do, you have to stay at work until a set time. You need to ask for permission if you want to do things outside these routines. You need to think inside the box. Out of the box thinking is scheduled, and can be taken on board, if there is money and time to make it a priority. Someone else sets your worth through your pay.

Now… I don’t answer to anyone. My first day… I just showed up. No one had told me when to come. And then… I just decided to go home. No one has told me when I can go either. I can take a 3 hour lunch break if I want (like many of my colleagues). Later today I’m going to spend time working out, at my job. And it’s weird. Like… I can just decide these things myself? That’s awesome! Now, I do like 12 hour days sometimes, but… I decide. And it’s freeing! It’s amazing! I love it! No one can boss me around, dictate my hours and my working day. There are certain obligations, but I can decide how to go about it all by myself. And these obligations are actually more for me to get clients, so I jump at them. Let me just say it again – changing my career to this is like the best thing I ever done!